Matthew K. Anderson


#Barkitoff is a project thats soul purpose is to reduce stress on college campuses during finals week. It's easy to do so when you involve super adorable puppies. So as the students come up and play with the puppies they take a bone from the board and thus being a visual cue that stress was being removed throughout the day.

Bill Murray

Solving stress for most people is an issue and takes a lot of time and energy to fix. Well Bill Murray is not one of those people, so I thought why not help people solve stress via his hilarious characters.

Civic Law L.L.C.

Amanda Civic came to me with a unique opportunity to brand a law firm, only the cool opportunity was the special connection her business would have with her last name. With the word civic meaning, community and culture, it was important that her logo represent that but also represent the professional that she is.


The student ad agency at The University of Nebraska – Lincoln is a great place to start working on real clients and real work so as Creative Director we set forth to let everyone know via this video, which I directed and helped edit and film

Lincoln Therapy

A local Company came to me a issue that they couldn't find a good way to represent their company as less of a doctor, patient kind of place, and more of a place where good conversation heals the soul and makes people happy.

Million Trees NYC

MTNYC needed a way to engage youth and get them engaged with the brand in a lasting way, so a campaign was developed to link MTNYC with something they already love—Music. This social media incentive campaign engages the youth by asking them to actively plant trees with the group in order to gain access to a private concert. By connecting itself with a popular band and an unforgettable experience MTNYC ensures that it is a brand that will be talked about, and its message not forgotten.


Education Lincoln

This was a project pitched to the Lincoln Public Schools Education Foundation, as a way to improve their report with the donors they have and the donors they wish to have in the future. Along with the more important clients the students who Spark wants to help, and build a reputation with them that will last until they are successful.

Stress Out

This is an app designed to find out what the stressors are that the user faces, determine what are the worst of those, and then use tips, articles, and books about how to fix them. Along with providing a good laugh, through their social media connection within the app.

Yankee Candle

With 93% of memory being smell, Yankee Candle Co. has a unique opportunity to capitalize on those memories, and just by showing people what they can remember everytime they walk into that 'fall' smelling room, its easy for people to want to buy one of their candles to enjoy that memory again and again.

Identity Work

These are some of the branding opportunities I have had, and enjoyed every minute of.

National Student

Advertising Competition

As Creative Director of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s 2013 National Student Advertising Team, I directed all our executions including print, radio, social media, web and streaming video. We placed first in the District 9 competition and 9th in the national competition.

A little inspiration

I was looking for something to shoot a video about and collected a whole heep of footage and decided to make a video with it, cause they are all things that inspire me.


Art Director Intern

  • Created and designed campaigns for First National Bank
  • Designed College World Series collatoral
  • Created billboards, banners, gifs, and websites
  • Designed the 2014 Intern website

Thought District

Design Intern

  • Scooters–Designed posters and promotional material
  • Hobbytown USA–Created monthly promotional material
  • Complete Nutrition–Created email blasts and in-store material

The Minnow Project

Design Intern

  • Created logos for Crescent Moon Coffee, Rhino Stop, Trophy Waters Fishing
  • Designed and developed Wordpress sites, including Trophy Water Fishing

National Student Advertising Competition

Creative Director

  • Lead the creative team in process of creating full ad campaign, while managing timelines, and working through our ideas

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communications

Graduated May 2013 with a Major in Advertising and Public Relations

Minor in Psychology









2013 National Student Advertising Competition

9th Place Nationally

1st Place in District 9


2012 District 9 Silver Addy and Nebraska Gold Addy

Yankee Candle Co. Campaign


2012 Nebraska Silver Addy

Ad Club Poster Series


I have skills in branding, print design, front-end web design & development, and account management, but these skills are only the tools I get to use; my true passion is coming up with big ideas – ideas that cause change, whether it is in a brand, the community, or myself. It’s something that I love to do, and I am extremely excited to hopefully make that my profession.

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